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Enhancing your Fertility 

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Sacred Fertility
Sacred Adoption Path

This deep journey will bring your awareness to those things that might be in the way for you to create a conscious birth. The sessions are structured yet highly customized as we will flow with the needs of the group. It opens gates into your consciousness allowing you to see within and make the necessary adjustments that will support you on your journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and immediate postpartum .  You will be supported in releasing fears and/or emotional trauma and family/ancestral patterns. It supports the integration of past experiences. Sacred Pathways is extremely helpful as a mother prepares emotionally for a VBAC as it can work deeply on fears and releasing past childbirth experiences. It might connect you with your own birth and possibly heal your own birth trauma.

At the core of this program is Breathwork practiced as a powerful healing modality. Connected Breathwork takes us deep into our believes system and contributes to a profound energy work that awakens ​one's consciousness.

This profound experience reaches deep into the memories of our own birth, first life experiences, and events, that collectively are the origin of many behavior patterns and our approach to relationships.  It promotes the necessary integration to overcome them.

An Overview of the Journey

  • Exploring our beliefs about childbirth and parenting.

  • Conception and connection.

  • Emotionally and spiritually nurturing your unborn child

  • Healing the wounded and/or abandoned child.

  • Healing the mother role figure.

  • Healing the father role figure.

  • Prosperity and parenthood /fears Vs realities.

  • Birthing choices/ getting ready

  • Connecting to our strenght

  • Sexuality and childbirth/in the birthing room

  • Birth plan: creating realities Vs allowing the baby’s plan to unfold.

Sacred Pathway to Birthing
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