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 About 14 years ago I received my first Breathwork session setting a clear intention to emotionally integrate whatever was at the root of the fertility challenges I was physically manifesting, and wishing to heal those things I did not want to carry with me into motherhood. I knew I had to break free from beliefs and life patterns that were not serving me. With the support of a loving Breathworker and the healing power of Connected Breathwork I opened a sacred door, through which I received my sweet baby.  I did it in a conscious way and with the reverence that this profound human experience requires.​ Even though my childbirth experience was full of surprises, I felt equipped and supported to handle the emotional aspect of having to deal with the unexpected. 

By the time a had my first child, Breathwork had long awakened awareness to my life purpose and I had completed my studies in Midwifery. I served the community beside wonderful people that  supported my growth, inspired me, and planted seeds of altruistic service deeply in my soul.  The families and the babies filled my days with joy, laughter, pain at times, and much admiration. 

I closed my Midwifery private practice in 2010 when I moved to Texas and enjoyed staying at home with my three-year-old. I went back to school to learn more about the sacredness of early childhood through Waldorf Education.  Working part-time at my child's kindergarten, I learned the art of creating healthy rhythms, how and why to protect childhood, and on a whole new level, the power of imitation in the young child.  I saw first hand, and in others, how our belief system creates our dynamics and realities at home.

I continued my self-healing path through Breathwork and numerous courses in belief management, personal growth, and re-connection with my ancestors.  I slowly moved from doing my personal work to coaching others on theirs. Organically, the seed of altruistic service that was planted once in my heart grew stronger as I begun to focus my attention on assisting families to create a home dynamic supportive of the spiritual and practical work they are doing with their children. I knew if I were to support emotional healing in someone, it was imperative to work with them at a deep level.  I had plenty of experience in Breathwork and its profound power.  So, in partnership with my sister, who had been a Breathworker for many years, I began offering workshops for self-healing using Breathwork at the core of the work.  Our focus was to facilitate and witness the healing of women putting strong intentions on their ancestral healing.

SACRED PATHWAYS was born from the merge of my own experiences with fertility challenges, my love for and practice of  Midwifery, and the use of Breathwork as a healing modality.

This year, as I just completed a one-year program on the studies of Herbal Medicine, I am delighted and honored to add HERBAl strategies for FERTILITY ENHANCEMENT and pregnancy support. I am doing this with the support and mentorship of a wonderful local Herbalist who has worked in this field for many years.

It is my vision to provide a safe space for individuals, in all of their diversity, to heal inter-generational wounds, integrate beliefs that are not serving them, connect with their creative fertile-Self, and come into full realization of the Divine within and the infinite possibilities of creation. 








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“I have always been a seeker of healing and after many, many years of suffering from my childhood experiences, I was introduced to Breathwork. It took just a couple of sessions to fully integrate the proper breathing techniques. One evening at a session, I decided that I was just going to surrender to the process and allow the universe to show me exactly what I needed to see in order to heal the deep wounds I had been dealing with. This surrendering opened me up to the single most transformational healing I have ever experienced. I felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace with myself and with ALL that is in this beautiful world. It was such an unbelievable awakening.”

Cecili Wertz

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